The Festival took place at the County Show Ground, Stafford on June 28th 1990. The Festival total was £2,057,368.00 of which the Lodge contributed £29,650.00, the second highest total of any individual Lodge in the Province. Contributions from the Mother Lodge (£28,123.00) and sister Lodge (£24,201.00) together with the Abbey Chapter (£2,196.00) and Wulfric Spot Mark Lodge (£377.00) meant that the Burton Staffordshire Masonic community had raised a total of £84,547.00. Having presided over the Festival, R W Bro Stanley Barrington stood down, to be succeeded by W Bro Kevin Chawner, who was installed on 22nd October 1990. W Bro A T Alpin was invested as Asst.Prov. GM and made his first appearance in this capacity at the Lodge Meeting on 13th November 1990. At that Meeting, W Bro R S Litherland, Founder, was congratulated on completing fifty years as a Mason. In May 1991 the Lodge Secretary W Bro P W Scragg was appointed Prov.G Registrar. W Bro Alpin was promoted to PSGD

At the Installation Meeting in March 1991, the R W Prov G Master congratulated the Lodge and the Charity Steward, W Bro E Eyley on the total raised for the 1990 Festival. The W Master thanked W Bro A S Methven, who had been the Lodge Chaplain for twenty one years, and W Bro A G Andrews, who, with a gap of one year, had been Ass. D of C for eighteen years.

The following month, the W Master, W Bro R D Campbell had to report the death after a short illness, of R W Bro Stanley Barrington, the Immediate Past Prov GM.

In May, W Bro F R B Armson was thanked for restoring the red kneeling stool. The final meeting of the year saw the Sutton Coldfield Demonstration Team performing ‘Making a Mason – 1765’ and it followed this in December 1992 with ‘Making a Fellowcraft – 1765’ W Bro Michael Stanhope was appointed to the rank of PAGDC during this year.

The subscription was increased again in March 1992 to £80.00

At the October meeting, the death on 1st August 1992, of the 
Ass.Prov.GM, W Bro Allan T Alpin PSGD, PPrJGW, PM was reported. He had risen further than any other Inititate of the Lodge, and had been a great influence, particularly during the nine years he spent as D of C.

In March 1993, it was reported that W Bro J W Parker, PPrG.Supt.W., PM, had died. He had been Mayor of Burton, and later Chairman of the East Staffordshire District Council. He had made several gifts to the Lodge, one was a small version of the Third Degree Tracing Board, which could easily be hand held whilst giving the Explanation. In his Will, he left £5,000.00 to be added to the George Cave Fund, hereafter to be known as the Cave/Parker Fund, and £80,000.00 to the SMCA to be used for the provision of accommodation for any Mason in the area who had fallen on hard times through no fault of his own. At the April meeting, W Bro I Kesterton of the Caernarvon Lodge, and Bro M Kemp as Executors, presented a cheque for the latter amount to the R W Prov GM, and at the Festive Board, another for the former, to our Worshipful Master.

October saw the death of the Lodges last surviving Founder, W Bro R S Litherland PPrJGW, PM 624. Also a letter of thanks was received from the Secretary of the Staffordshire Masonic Golfing Society for the tankard presented by the Lodge for competition in memory of the late W Bro Allan T Alpin. The Lodge appointed Trustees, the Treasurer and Secretary for the time being, and W Bros E A Wright and M Stanhope. A further death, that of W Bro A S Methven was notified in December, and also the donation by the Lodge of £200.00 to each of three local Old Peoples’ Homes for welfare.

In February 1994, W Bro M W P Cripwell presented the new Cable Tow with knots of Masonic symbolism. At the Installation Meeting, March 1995, a Bible inscribed with W Bro C M Boyce PPrSGW, PM 4850 was presented to the Lodge by W Bro T Cammies PPrJGD, PM 6415 for use by the Chaplain.

An interesting evening, the presentation of fifty year certificates by the
RWProv. GM to W Bro A G Andrews and W Bro The Rev. Preb E C Hayward took place in October 1995. In the Second Rising the Prov GM took the unusual step of announcing that he was promoting W Bro Andrews to the rank of PPr JGW with immediate effect.

In December, the Secretary had to report receipt of a letter from the 
Prov ME Grand Sup. on the subject of the small number of Royal Arch Masons in the Lodge. Having researched the matter himself, the Secretary had replied giving the true facts and was able to report another letter from the ME Grand Sup. congratulating the Lodge on the high proportion of its members who were in the Royal Arch.

In February 1996, an extended version of the First Tracing Board was given by 
W Bro A I Evans assisted by no fewer than thirteen Brethren. March saw donations of £1,000.00 to the 2002 Festival, £250.00 to St Giles Hospice and £250.00 to local charities at the discretion of the Worshipful Master.

In December, the Lodge having no work, a purely ‘business’ Meeting was held followed by a dinner to which members’ ladies were invited. The interest from the Parker/Cave Fund normally deployed to help with the December meal expenses, was held over to be applied in April 1997, when the Lodge’s Golden Jubilee celebration would be celebrated.

March 11th saw the Installation of Bro W B Cripwell in the presence of the Prov G Master.

The Meeting on 8th April 1997 celebrated the Golden Jubilee Festival of the Lodge, attended by the PGM R W Bro Kevin Chawner, the second consecutive month he had attended the Lodge, together, on this occasion, with 97 visitors. As part of this celebration W Bro M W Cripwell presented to the Lodge a Past Masters Board on which had been listed the Past Masters names covering the 50 years of Andresey Lodge history, the unveiling of this wonderful board being undertaken by the Prov. G. M., R.W.Bro. Kevin Chawner.

In May the Lodge received a paper from W Bro T H Poxon of Royal Sussex Lodge entitled ‘ Masonic Heraldry’ which included the fact that Royal Sussex Lodge No. 353 had for their Banner the same as the coat of arms as that of United Grand Lodge.

At the October meeting the Worship Master, W Bro M B Cripwell allowed his brother to occupy the Chair to initiate his son in law, Mr S M Locke.

April 1998 saw Bro R C Warrier elected as a joining member. Provincial Grand Lodge being on the same day as our regular Lodge meeting, dispensation was given to hold our meeting on the second Monday in May.

Our November 1998 meeting welcomed the PGM, R W Bro Kevin Chawner, who gave a paper entitled ‘The Role and Work of the Provincial Grand Master’, and W Bro Jack Hill, Provincial D of C also gave a paper entitled ‘The Role of a Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies’.

The year closed with the loss to foreign parts, of one of our Past Masters, W Bro F R B Armson who had decided to retire to France but wished to remain as a Country member.

The Minutes of the January 1999 meeting remind us the Lodge remembers its members widows at Christmas time through a gift of a Marks and Spencer voucher for £25.00, the fact that these were personally delivered by the WM, W Bro S T Wass and the Almoner,  W Bro K L George, ensured that personal contact was achieved wherever possible.

At the May meeting, again held on a Monday because of the Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting being held on the second Tuesday, a letter of congratulations was received, awarding a silver plate for the members contributions to the 2002 Festival. Gold was the next ambitious target set by W Bro A I Evans, Charity Steward. The WM W Bro D J St Clair requested that W Bro Evans receives the plate from the PGM at PGL on behalf of our members.

The meeting on 9th November 1999 expanded on the current theme of a more ‘open’ approach to Freemasonry. Following the meeting, ‘gentlemen guests’ were invited into the Lodge Room and listened to a talk entitled ‘An Introduction to Freemasonry’, given by W Bro Q E Faircliffe. The first time that non Masons were invited into the Lodge Room and met Masons still clothed in their Masonic regalia.

On 14th December 1999, the twentieth century ended in a fine manner with the initiation Mr Ian A Evans, the son of our Charity Steward. In attendance were the PGM R W Bro Kevin Chawner, the PGM for Warwickshire, R W Bro Stanely A Lates, the Assistant PGM for Derbyshire, W Bro John Collinson, together with other dignatories from Staffordshire, including the DPGM, Prov D of C, Prov Sword Bearer, a total of 48 guests. All there to witness this initiation ceremony and celebrate W Bro E Alan Wrights fifty years in Masonry. A framed certificate was presented to W Bro E Alan Wright by the PGM on behalf of the Province and a Masonic match box was presented by the WM, W Bro D J St Clair on behalf of the Lodge.