At the first meeting in 1980, £50.00 was voted as the Lodge contribution to the provision of a new Lodge carpet. In October of that year R W Bro Stanley Barrington was installed as Provincial Grand Master.

The Tyler, Bro W G White gave two, hand worked, cloth offertory bags to the Lodge in January 1981. It was in that month that W Bro Percy Richardson died. Another brother, W Bro G A Cave, was lost to us in April. He had served the Lodge for over 33 years, eight of them as Director of Ceremonies. He achieved the single distinction of winning a silver matchbox for giving a flawless ceremony at the Emulation Lodge of Improvement in London. He left a legacy of £1,000 to the Lodge to be invested, and the interest thereon to be used to help defray the cost of meals at December Lodges.

At the February meeting in 1982, the death in January at the age of eighty four of W Bro Edgar P Wright, founder and first Junior Warden was reported. In May his Past Master’s Jewel was presented to the Lodge by his son for the Immediate Past Master to wear during his year, after which he would be presented with his own.

W Bro A T Alpin was appointed and invested as Prov Junior Grand Warden on May 12th 1982, the third brother from this Lodge to be appointed in eleven years.

A talk was given in February 1983 by W Bro S A Lates PJGD, Vice President of the Grand Charity and Chairman of the Petitions Committee, on The 1990 Festival. The following month saw the Installation of Bro D W Harvey, who had been a joining member since December 1972. A visitor, W Bro D E Harvey, PPrGW (Suffolk) gave the address to his son.

It was during 1984 that W Bro E A Wright was promoted to PJGD

In October, the Lodge voted £100.00 towards the cost of a portrait of  W Bro Stanley Barrington, who had become Provincial Grand Master in 1980. The portrait was to hang in Freemasons’ Hall, Burton. It was considered unsatisfactory by the brethren and the PGM and after a period was substituted by a large colour photograph. In December 1984, W Bro H W Timms, PJGD, Founder, was reported to have died.

1985 witnessed the promotion of W Bro Alpin to Asst. Grand Director of Ceremonies. In 1986, W Bro the Rev Preb. Edwin C Hayward was promoted to P.Dep.G.Chap., thus becoming the senior ranking Member of the Lodge. In October 1986 the alteration to the Ritual concerning the wording to be used in respect of the former Penalties was received.

Having voted in May for further donations to the 1990 Festival, the Prov.G.M. noting that the Lodge’s current balance had reached £15,826 and in which he commented ‘Oh! That all my Lodges would emulate your example!’ W Bro Alpin was appointed Prov.D of C in May 1987.

On 29th November 1988 a dinner was held to mark the unique occurrence of having two Prov. Grand Masters emanating from Lodges within one fairly small Masonic centre. W Bro Wright had written to the Grand Secretary inviting the M W Grand Master to attend the dinner. To everyone’s surprise, an acceptance was received. 
The WM, W Bro E A Ford introduced all individual members of the Lodge present to the GM, and all Masters of Lodges meeting at Ashfield House drew lots to ascertain seating positions. Our WM, W Bro E A Ford drew the lot to sit next to the GM during the dinner.

W Bro Wright in October, after the event, sent a Commemorative menu card, together with the wording engraved on the Ceremonial Sword to Grand Lodge. This sword was presented by him to the Freemasons of Burton upon Trent, to be carried in procession on any occasion when a Prov.G Master visited our Freemasons’ Hall in future. This was followed in March 1990 by a formal presentation, in the presence of the two Prov.G Masters, of an Archive of the Visit of the Grand Master into the custody of Andresey Lodge, but for display in the library for all Masons in Burton to have the details of this memorable occasion freely available for study. All the colour photographs in the Archive were taken by W Bro A R Johnson, JW of the Lodge.

In February 1989, in company with the brethren of Abbey Lodge, a Ceremonious Visit was paid to St. Modwens. 1989 also saw the subscription raised to £60.00

Later that year, the Lodge being short of normal ceremonies, a demonstration of the Opening, Closing and Initiation in a Russian Lodge of about 1810 was performed in October by the Old Wulfrunians’ Demonstration Team, and in November, W Bro E A Wright gave a talk entitled ‘A Masonic Miscellany’, which included an account of a visit he had paid to No. 2 Lodge in Tokyo, and an explanation of the symbols on a Tracing Board ca. 1800 which he had found, and had had restored. This Tracing Board, thought by a Grand Lodge antiquarian authority to be one of an Antients’ Lodge, and unique, now hangs in our Library. By the year end, the Lodge 1990 Festival total had reached £24,966 and, when Members’ individual balances had been taken into account, £27,508