In May W Bro the Rev. Edwin C. Hayward joined the Lodge. He was a Past Master of Mercia Lodge 3995 and had been Prov. G Chaplain in 1962 and 1969. He had come to town as the Vicar of Burton Parish Church. He was to play, and no pun intended, a valuable role in the Lodge, for not only did he become Master in 1973 but was organist from 1977 to 1994 and Almoner from 1983 to 1997.

Mr A I Evans was initiated on 14th December 1971. He is another brother who has played major parts in the life of the Lodge, being Worshipful Master in 1982 and D of C 1985-1992. Appointed PPrSGD in 1989, he was promoted to PPrGR in May 1997. He has been the Lodge Charity Steward since 1993, a much feared friend who regularly asks for money.

In April 1972 W Bro E A Wright was promoted to Prov. Junior Grand Warden, having been ProvSGD in 1966 and thus became the first Initiate to hold one of the most senior Provincial Offices. Others were to follow.

During 1952 and 1953, attempts were made by the three Lodges to find a home of their own. Whilst possible venues were available, the finance, both for purchase and upkeep was not. The successful negotiations with the Town Council, to which reference has already been made, rendered any move unnecessary. However, the increasing lack of privacy, and cavalier treatment to the Lodge furniture prompted W Bro E A Wright to suggest that the three Lodges investigate the possible move to Freemason’s Hall, Ashby Road where three Derbyshire Lodges already met. The proposal was put to the Abbey and St Modwens Lodges in October 1967 and promptly rejected. It was pointed out that the existing lease did not run out until the end of 1976. There the matter rested until 1975 when a joint committee attempted to renegotiate the lease. A combination of the shock engendered by the high figure required by the Town Hall authorities, the continuing damage to furniture, and further encroachment on privacy led, after high debate, to the three Lodges in separate votes, agreeing to move the place of Meetings to Freemason’s Hall.

Since 1878, when Burton became a Municipal Borough, the parishes of Winshill and Stapenhill across the other side of the River Trent from the main town, had been absorbed into the Borough and into Staffordshire, where they have remained ever since. The fortunate siting of Freemasons Hall has therefore meant that the Brethren of both Derbyshire and Staffordshire can feel that they are meeting on the ground of their own Province. Full tribute should be paid to the fraternal welcome given to Staffordshire Brethren by their Derbyshire brothers. The move meant that six Craft Lodges could support an increasingly expensive building and allow improvements. Two other Derbyshire Lodges eventually moved there, from Hatton and Swadlincote and two more have since been consecrated giving the present total of ten.

As far as Andresey was concerned, the Lodge met at a Special Meeting held at Freemasons Hall on October 24th 1975. After an explanation of the proposition, the Lodge was called off and the brethren were given a tour of the premises. The Lodge was called on and questions invited. A lively discussion followed and those present then voted - twenty seven for and one against – to move the place of meeting to Freemasons Hall. The move was to take effect at the end of that season.

At the Installation Meeting on 9th March 1976, W Bro Frank Martin was appointed the first Charity Steward, a new office, and invested with a collar and jewel presented to the Lodge by W Bro P Duffield.

May 11th 1976 was the date of the last Meeting at the Town Hall. At its conclusion, the Brethren left the Lodge Room in solemn procession following behind the Banner, the Volume of the Sacred Law carried out by the Chaplain, the Warrant of the Lodge carried out by the Worshipful Master, and the Square and Compasses carried by the Immediate Past Master.

On Tuesday 12th October 1976, the Brethren processed into the Temple at Freemasons Hall, Winshill, Burton upon Trent, preceded by the Banner, Volume of Sacred Law, Warrant and the Square and Compasses. W Bro E A Wright took the Chair and the first sad duty after the Opening was to announce the deaths of W Bro H Howard-Smith and W Bro S Owen Smith, the Worshipful Master, whose son was to be passed to the Second Degree that very evening.

Whilst all this was going on, at the Investiture Meeting of Grand Lodge in the spring of 1975, W Bro E A Wright became the first Initiate of the Lodge to attain Grand Rank, being invested as Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies. It was a happy coincidence that W Bro Alf Cliffe, PM of the Royal Sussex Lodge No. 353, and Chairman of Freemasons Hall (Winshill) Ltd. received the same honour on the same day.

At the meeting on 14th December 1976, the Lodge agreed to lend the Masonic Hall £500.00 to reduce the overdraft. This date was also the unique occasion within the Lodge when two Initiates, B L Leggett and A R Johnson were Initiated on the same evening. To help cement the good relationship with our Derbyshire Brethren, each of the Staffordshire Lodges agreed to extend the invitations to the Derbyshire Lodges to pay a Ceremonious Visit. Accordingly, the Andresey Lodge, the most junior, asked Tristantona Lodge No. 3962, the youngest of the Derbyshire Lodges, and this was effected in May 1977. A reciprocal invitation was received, and a return Visit paid on 21st December 1977.

By this time after several increments, the Lodge subscription had risen to £25.00

A second member and an Initiate of the Lodge, W Bro A P Richardson, had been the second to be appointed as Prov. Junior Grand Warden in 1974, and in 1977 the second to achieve Grand Rank as PAGDC

In November 1978 W Bro J W Parker donated new gauntlets for the Worshipful Master, and in February the following year, W Bro R E Cort and Bro R H Marsh provided new gauntlets for the Wardens. Sadly in May 1979 W Bro Cort died.

It is worth recording that at the Installation Meeting on March 13th 1979, no fewer than five Grand Officers. All members of the Lodge, were present: The Deputy Prov. Grand Master, Stanley Barrington having been elected an Honorary Member in February 1971 on his previous appointment as Assistant Prov Grand Master, W Bro H W Timms Past Grand Deacon, an Honorary Member and Founder, W Bro The Rev Preb E C Hayward, Past Assistant Grand Chaplain, PM, W Bro E A Wright PAGDC and W Bro A P Richardson, PAGDC, comprised the five, the largest number any Lodge in the Province could boast.

At the same meeting, W Bro E A Wright was thanked for framing the Warrant, and W Bro M Stanhope for having its Officers’ Jewels replated. In December 1979 Bro B L Leggett presented the Lodge with a ceramic Initiates Offertory Plate he had crafted.