A Ceremonious Visit was received from Abbey Lodge on 13th November 1962, at which meeting, Allan T Alpin was initiated. W Bro A P Richardson, who had himself been initiated in December 1952, was in the Chair and he in February 1963, gave a Paper in the Lodge for the first time. Its title was ‘Freemasonry and Masonic Symbols’. A second paper was given in December 1963 by the Secretary, W Bro R J Sharratt, entitled ‘The Consecration of the Lodge’. At the same meeting the death of Prov. G Master, 
R W Bro. R B Mummery was reported. It was recalled that he was the Director of Ceremonies at the Consecration and an Honorary Member.

It was not until January 1963 that there was a successful move by
W Bro's E P Wright and E A Wright, to institute the provision of the Past Masters Breast Jewels. In February it was agreed that from the year 1963/64 a Past Masters Jewel should be provided to each Master relinquishing his Office. A design and quotation in the sum of £11:17s:6d, plus engraving, for a minimum quantity of six, from Messrs. Toye, Kenning and Spencer was approved in March. Unfortunately for the proposers, it was also agreed that the Lodge could not afford to purchase Jewels retrospectively, and that if previous Masters wanted one, they would have to pay for their own.

Accompanied by the Abbey Lodge, the Lodge paid a Ceremonious Visit to St Modwens on 25th February 1964 on the occasion of its 300th Meeting. In December 1964, an explanation of the First Tracing Board, in place of a ceremony was given by the Worshipful Master, W Bro P Duffield, the Third, Fourth and Fifth Sections of the First Lecture to be worked in February 1965. At the Installation of W Bro W E Hopkinson in the following month, the new Prov G Master, R W Bro. Major H Wilson Keys paid his first visit to the Lodge.

In May, the Lodge balloted to retain the original penalties in the ritual, also that month, a Ceremonious Visit was paid to Abbey Lodge.

In November 1965 an application was successful in securing an unofficial attendance of the Prestonian Lecturer who gave a lecture entitled ‘The Evolution of the English Provincial Grand Lodge’. This was given by R.W.Bro The Hon William R S Bathhurst, Provincial Grand Master of Gloucestershire in the presence of our own Provincial Grand Master, supported by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, the Provincial Wardens, Secretary and D of C at our meeting on October 11th 1966.

The Main Hall of the Town Hall was used for this purpose, and Masons from a wide area were invited to attend.

In October 1967 the format of the Lodge Summons was changed by the addition of a second fold, and, in November Bro Michael Stanhope became a joining member. The Lodge Banner was refurbished at the expense of W Bro W H Brentnall in December. It was in that month that W Bro R J Sharratt intimated that he did not wish to continue as Secretary having held the office for seventeen years. The thanks of the Lodge were recorded at the following Installation Meeting and W Bro P Duffield was appointed in his place.

The Abbey and St Modwens Lodges paid a Ceremonious Visit on 14th May 1968. The following year saw a change in procedure at the Installation Meeting, the Address to the Master, Wardens and Brethren being given immediately after the individual investitures rather than all together at the end. With one exception, this order has been followed to the present day.