The first regular meeting was held on April 15th 1947, prior to which there had been a meeting of PM’s and Officers on April 11th at which a loss of £50:10s:4d on the Consecration was reported. The price of Lodge meals was fixed at 4s:6d or £1:10s:0d for a full year, payable in advance. Installations excepted.

On 15th April, eleven Joining Members and two candidates were elected. Also, seven of the Consecrating Officers elected as Honorary Members. The first candidate, Mr H.R. Yates was initiated.

The second Meeting on 20th May, saw Mr T.W.B. Tranter initiated. It is perhaps a poor reflection on the foresight of the founding members that the first two initiates were bank employees, who soon moved away from the town, and were unable to progress through the Lodge; indeed only one of the first five Initiates reached the Chair.

At the October meeting, the receipt of the permanent Warrant was reported. On 26th of that month, a Service of Dedication of the Bells at Lichfield Cathedral, refurbished by monies provided by the Staffordshire Freemasons was held.

The November meeting saw the Lodge’s own Officers’ collars and jewels used for the first time. February 1948 witnessed an unfortunate episode, in that the candidate was blackballed.

To alleviate the impending departures of the first two Initiates, an emergency meeting was held on March 8th at which there was a double Second Degree Ceremony. At the second Installation Meeting on March 16th, Bro Edgar Wright was installed, thus becoming the first Master Mason to reach the Chair. G A Cave was initiated on 26th May 1948. In October 1948, the date of the Meetings was changed from the third to the second Tuesday; this was by courtesy and agreement of Abbey Chapter. Also at that Meeting, the gauntlets of the Master and Wardens were worn for the first time, having been presented by the incumbents. At the 1949 Installation, the Past Master’s collar and jewel was presented to W Bro E P Wright, and the volume of the Sacred Law was presented by 
Bro R.S. Litherland.

A tradition was started that each incoming Master and Initiate would sign the volume of the Sacred Law henceforth.

During the December 1949 meeting, the death of the first Worshipful Master, W Bro W.B. Briggs, PGStd.B was reported. It was at that meeting that W Bro Edgar Wright initiated by courtesy of the Worshipful Master, W Bro Eric Wayte, his son, E Alan Wright at the age of 21.

During 1949, a design was sought and eventually approved for a Banner from Mr Hoskins, who had designed the Lodge Badge. After much discussion and several expensive quotations, W Bro W H Ride secured the services of Mrs Biddulph, the wife of W Bro H Q Biddulph of Royal Sussex Lodge, who made and painted a banner to the agreed design. It was used the first time, before its dedication in 1952. The actual Dedication was carried out by the R W Prov. G Master at a Special Meeting held in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall.