Another decades begins and the February 2011 Ladies Night raises £450 which the Principal Lady, Mrs M Aitkinhead requests be donated to the Midlands Air Ambulance.

March sees the installation of W.Bro. E A Ford as WM, the APGM, W.Bro. J V Renaudon being in attendance. After 16 years as Charity Steward, W.Bro. A I Evans passes on the onerous duties and challenge of the position to W. Bro. A May.

The month of May sees the first initiation of the year, as Mr D Knight is admitted into membership. The members approved a donation of £200 to the Glebe Preschool Playgroup to assist with the cost of constructing of an outside shelter.

May also sees the appointment by Provincial Grand Lodge of W. Bro. R C Warrior to PPrJGD and Bro. A F Jones to PPrAGDC. W Bro. C D Priestley receives promotion to PPrSwdB.

October sees a further initiation of Mr D J Westwood.

November saw a rapid re-scheduling of our meeting to enable the lodge to raise Bro. A J Holmes to become a master mason prior to his emigration to Australia.

Christmas again saw a distribution of gift vouchers to the value of £25 to each of the widows of former lodge members. The lodge entertained the ladies and guests at the festive board and W.Bro. E A Ford gave a presentation entitled “I’ve Got The Picture – What Next”. W. Bro Ford offered for sale framed photographs and canvas prints used in his presentation, the proceeds being given to the Midland Air Ambulance.

A successful Ladies Night was held in February 2012 and proceeds from the evening, totalling £350, were donated at the request of the principal lady, Mrs I Hall, to the “Help For Heroes” charity.

February also saw a further initiation that of Mr M Edwards, our sixth initiation in a little over two years. Unfortunately, mainly due to increases in GL and PGL fees a subscription rise to £120 p.a. was agreed.

March 2012 saw Bro. K Davies installed as Worshipful Master, the ceremony being attended by the APGM, W.Bro. C B Denne.

In March the lodge acknowledge receipt of a bible cushion from Mrs S May to which Mrs J Priestley had added corner tassels. W. Bro. C D Priestley also presented a pair of compasses to the lodge, which would be used in future initiation ceremonies. Following the death of Bro. J Roach it was agreed to purchase a steward’s jewel which would be engraved on the rear as a mark of respect to his memory.

May saw the members being reminded of the correct use of Masonic signs in a lecture and demonstration by senior members of the lodge. The meeting also received an explanation of the history of the tracing boards given by W.Bro.E A Ford. 

In May we received notification of the resignation of the PGM, R.W. Bro. T D C Lloyd and the proposed installation of his replacement that of W.Bro. A I Stewart PAGDC, PPrSGW . After some confusion V.W.Bro. D Gary Read would now be re-appointed as DPGM and W.Bro’s C B Denne and J V Renaudon would remain as APGM’s. At this meeting W.Bro. A R Johnson and W.Bro. B L Leggett would both be promoted to PPrGR.

The Masonic year ends with the news that our caterer of 19 years, Mr T Wassall, is to retire. We thank him for his excellent service and food and wish him good health and happiness in his retirement. A donation was made from the lodge for a collective retirement gift from everyone at Ashfield House.

In October W.Bro.D.StClair presented a Mentors collar and jewel to the lodge in recognition of this new lodge office. The investiture ritual associated with this new office was received from UGLE.

At the November meeting approval was given by the members for the usual distribution of M. & S. vouchers of £30 to each widow of former lodge members. Six of the lodge members attended a course in the use of the defibrillator and received accredited certificates.

The members entertained their ladies and guests to a Christmas dinner, after the December meeting.

In February 2013 the lodge accounts, for the previous year, showed a very small surplus so subscriptions would remain at there present level for a further year. Mr S. O’Connell was initiated. A request for country membership was received and granted to Bro.A.J.Holmes now residing in Australia.

The Ladies Festival held in February and saw £220 donated to Prostate Cancer research.
The installation of Bro.E.N.Robinson in March was witnessed by the APGM., W.Bro.J.V.Renaudon, who was presented with a cheque for £2000 for the 2013 Festival Fund.

The Prov.SGW., W.Bro.M.W.N.Ashcroft visited the lodge in May, and received a cheque for £1000, from the Ladies Night Account, for the 2013 Festival Fund. W.Bro A.I.Evans was made an Honorary Member of the lodge. After the meeting the Ladies and guests joined the members for a musically based lecture given by W.Bro. M.Rizzardi of Abbey Lodge. Mrs K.StClair responded to the toast to the “visitors” at the festive board.
The Prov.G.L. meeting held in June 2013 saw the appointment of W.Bro.M.I.Bridge as Prov.JGD. and his father-in-law, W.Bro.D.V.Toon promoted to PPr.JGW. A certificate was presented to the lodge for achieving an average of over £450 per member given to the 2013 Festival Fund, together with two glass goblets to be used by the wardens at the festive board.

In November W.Bro.E.A.Ford gave a presentation entitled “The Third Degree Tracing Board – Beyond The Fascade”. As in many years past, the members approved the purchase of M. & S. vouchers for distribution to widows of former lodge members. The members received with sadness notification of the death of W.Bro.E.Eyley a member of the lodge since 1965 and Master in 1975.

The ladies joined the members for dinner after the December meeting.

One of the first duties in January 2014 saw the approval of the lodge subscription increased to £140 per annum, for full members and £68 per annum for country members. 
In February Mr. M. Allen was initiated, and an application, approved, for transfer to country membership for W.Bro.M.Stanhope.

The installation meeting in March began with a eulogy to W.Bro.M.W.P.Cripwell, a member since 1981 and Master in 1993. W. Bro. M. I. Bridge was installed as Worshipful Master for the second time, the ceremony performed in the presence of the APGM., W.Bro. D.W.Phillips. Notification was received from U.G.L.E., that W.Bro.E.A.Ford was to be promoted to P.J.G.D.

Several candidates were now being put forward for membership and one of these Mr. N. Barker was initiated at the April meeting.

The Royal Arch representative informed the members of the forthcoming 150th anniversary of the formation of Abbey Chapter No 624 in May and this would be celebrated by a unique ceremony in which all five R.A.Chapters meeting at Ashfield House would take part. 
In October 2014, W.Bro. D.N.Davies was welcomed into the lodge as a joining member. Mr. S.C.Hickey was initiated, Christmas gifts were approved for the “lodge widows” and a notification was received of the imminent replacement of the lodge caterers.

Mr J.L.Bird was initiated in November and at just 21 years of age is one of our youngest candidates for many years.

The ladies joined the members after the December meeting for a Christmas dinner, at which a donation for £250 was made to Mrs J.Roach, the widow of the late Bro J.Roach, for Christies Hospital for research into stomach cancer.

The first meeting of 2015, opened with a eulogy to W.Bro.G.Foster a member since 1982 and W.M. in 1994. Mr J.A.Cox was initiated.

In February the lodge received a gift of £150 from the family of the late W.Bro.G.Foster. A number of new collars for lodge officers were purchased and suitable inscribed.

The Ladies Night held in February 2015 saw many members and their wives enjoy an evening dinner, a quiz and dancing to a “live “ band. The charity collection raised the sum of £300, which the Principal Lady, Mrs Louise Bridge donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The installation meeting in March 2015 of Bro.C.J.Palmer was witnessed by the DPGM. W.Bro.J.V.Renaudon, the Past.AGM. W.Bro.J.K.Thomas, the Prov.SGW. W.Bro.J.P.Ashcroft and a goodly number of acting provincial officers.

The date of the April meeting was changed by dispensation to Friday 17th April 2015. The principal item of the ceremony was to initiate Mr Neil Davies, the brother of one of our Past Masters. W.Bro. Keith Davies who was also able to take part in the ceremony. The working tools were presented to the candidate by one of our entered apprentices , Bro. J. Byrd.

Just as the date of the April meeting was changed, due to a clash with Provincial Grand Chapter A.G.M. so was our May meeting also changed by dispensation to Monday 11th May 2016 due to clash with Provincial Grand Lodge A.G.M. Our meeting witnessed the passing of Bro. S. Hickey with the working tools being presented by a fellowcraft Bro. N.Barker.

Our first lodge meeting following the summer break, in October, received the financial reports of the lodge. Despite there being a slight surplus for the year, forthcoming known increases indicated a rise in subscription charges would be necessary. An increase of £2 per quarter was therefore proposed and accepted. Sadly the death of W.Bro. Bob Camplbell, one of our most supportive members, was reported. His active participation in all social and official lodge functions and meetings will be greatly missed. Due to the absence of Bro. M. Allen, Bro S. Hickey received rapid advancement to become a Master Mason at this October meeting. W.Bro. Richard Warrior treated all members present to cake, port and cheese to celebrate his 40th anniversary of his entry into freemasonry.

In November Bro. J. Byrd was passed to the degree of a fellowcraft. The customary purchase of gift tokens for the “lodge widows” was approved, the W.M. and Almoner undertaking the responsibility of visiting each widow still residing in the area.

The now customary arrangement for December enabled the lodge members to entertain their own wives/partners plus several lodge widows to a Christmas dinner. W.Bro. E.A.Ford gave a talk and photographic presentation on The Masonic Memorial Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum.

Ladies Night in February 2016 saw a change in the usual format with an speaker being engaged to entertain everyone present rather than the customary “live music”. A charity collection raised £120 which the Principal Lady, Mrs D. Palmer donated to the Syrian Refugee crisis appeal.

March 2016 saw W.Bro. G.C.Aitkenhead, installed for his second time as lodge Worshipful Master. This was witnessed by the P.G.M., R.W. Bro. Dr. Alexander I. Stewart, and also by W. Bro. R. Aitkenhead, the Worshipful Master’s father. W.Bro. D. StClair relinquished his position as Director of Ceremonies after so ably overseeing the lodge ceremonies for 10 years. To mark the occasion the P.G.M. presented to the lodge a pair of warden’s columns which had kindly been donated by W.Bro. D.StClair.

The April meeting was held on Friday 8th April 2016 by dispensation from P.G.L. as P.G.C. was being held on our usual second Tuesday date. At our meeting a new member, Mr R. Harrison was initiated into freemasonry. The lodge received a new square and a pair of compasses purchased from the proceeds of the sale of regalia formerly owned by our late W. Bro. Bob Campbell.


Again our May meeting date was changed due to the A.G.M. of P.G.L. being held on our usual second Tuesday date. This year W.Bro. G. Aitkenhead would receive his first appointment as an acting officer within the province as Prov.J.G.D. Unfortunately after 49 years of membership, W.Bro. Michael Stanhope decided he was no longer able to attend future lodge meetings and tendered his resignation.

Despite the absence of the W.M. at the October meeting, the Third Degree raising of Bro. M. Allen was undertaken by three Past Masters. We also received notification of the future installation of the new P.G.M., W.Bro. J. Lockley , which would take place on the 22nd November 2016.

The donation of £270 to the Tutbury Toddler Group was acknowledged. 

In November the lodge approved the purchase of M. and S. vouchers to a total value of £330 to be distributed to the “Lodge Widows” at Christmas. 

The lodge carried out a ceremonious visit to Abbey Lodge on the 6th December 2016. December also saw us entertaining our wives, partners and some “lodge widows” to a Christmas dinner. There they were entertained to a most interesting talk given by Mr Alan Hiley of the “Magic Attic” the local history archive. A suitable donation was made to Mr Hiley to help with the purchase of an outside portable gazebo for use by the Magic Attic. Presentations were also made to the bar and catering staff in recognition of their service throughout the year.

The Ladies Festival was held in February. Congratulations were recorded to Bro. S. Hickey and his wife Sian for organising the event.

February also saw the lodge making a donation of £250 to Peter Harrison of Hanbury to help with mobility equipment following his motorcycle accident. Notification was received of two impending Provincial promotions, that of W.Bro. C.D.Priestley to P.Pr.J.G.W. and W. Bro. R.Warrior to P.Pr.G.Supt.Wks. both to take place at P.G.L. in May 2017.

March saw the lodge under the direction of a new W.M., W.Bro. D.N.Davies, a ceremony witnessed by the Past A.P.G.M. W.Bro. D.W.Phillips and many other Provincial Officers.
In April and May two consecutive Third Degree ceremonies were undertaken in the raising of Bro’s N.Davies and J.A.Cox.

A change of date for the Past Masters to perform their usual once a year ceremony was made in October with the “oldies” undertaking the raising of Bro. R.Harrison. It was also reported that W.Bro. Eddie Ford had been honoured by the Grand Master conferring upon him The Grand Masters Order of Service to Masonry. This is the highest honour the Grand Master can confer on any mason and is limited to no more than 12 throughout the world.